About Us

A single focus for over forty years

From our first day in business, over four decades ago, Monterrey’s focus has been on helping to make our customers more successful. It’s because of this focus that today Monterrey is considered to be an industry leader in customized distribution. Our personalized service and innovative, responsive approach has earned us both the respect and business of some of the nation’s leading retailers.

it’s Monterrey with 2 r’s

Often times we get asked about the second “r” in our name. The answer dates back to our founder, Dick Herrman, who started operating as a niche distributor in 1972 for delis and independent shops in San Diego, California. He felt that the name Monterrey Provision Company, reflected the appeal and flavor of our proximity to the Mexican border. An innovative thinker? We like to think so, and our history of growth and expansion proves it.

Leadership that inspires

Luke Abbott joined Monterrey in 1997 as an Accounts Payable Clerk, with a level of energy that rivaled a freight train! He thought outside-the-box, was focused on the company’s success and Dick Herrman was quick to recognize Luke’s leadership qualities. Over the following decade, Luke learned about and managed every facet of the company, eventually managing the entire organization. As Dick prepared to retire in 2008, his successor was an obvious choice and Luke was named President of Monterrey. Luke leads Monterrey with a positive, inspiring example that promotes teamwork and a family atmosphere.