Return & Credit Policy

What is Monterrey’s Return Policy?

Monterrey strives to get every order right every time, but when we fall short our goal is to make the Credit & Return Process as convenient as possible for you. In order to help us expedite your request, please follow the steps outlined below.

Credits & Adjustments on the day of delivery

Your driver is authorized to issue credits for missing (N.O.T.), mis-picked, short coded or damaged goods at the time of delivery. Customers are responsible for carefully checking and noting any discrepancy prior to signing the delivery paperwork. If a credit is due, your driver will issue an invoice adjustment receipt for your records.

Returns for Frozen

In compliance with HAACP, to protect the integrity of our products, and for the safety of our customers, returns for frozen product can only be processed by the driver at the time of delivery.

Return Guidelines

All claims must have prior approval before returning to the driver. Our Team may determine because of the condition of the product that the contents may be discarded; however you may be requested to return the UPC code or lids. All products must be returned with all the pieces in the original box. Product that is deemed a good return but not returned in saleable condition will be charged back to your account.

How to Request a Credit After Your Delivery

Please use one of the following methods to request a credit:

ONLINE: Log on to and follow the form data for credit request.

PHONE: Call our Customer Service Team: 1-619-294-2222 x 135 - Robelyn Arnaiz or Cynthia Morton at Ext 177

PICTURES: for damages and mispicks are to be forwarded to or

If you would like to speak with one of our team members, we are available Monday thru Friday from 9:00 am CST - 5:00 pm CST

When calling, please leave the following information:
Your Name
Customer Number
Phone Number
Best time to reach you.

Someone from our team will call you back to begin the credit process.

Requesting Credits After Your Delivery

If a mis-pick, short coded, or hidden damage is discovered after your delivery driver has left, you may still request credit for these items. All credit and return requests must be made within 24 Hours of the delivery date.

A Credit Request can be issued Online or over the Phone. Using the customer online portal or Email submission is preferred (

The information required is Invoice Number, Monterrey Item Number, Quantity of item ( case or each) and rationale for credit request. After your credit has been reviewed by our team, we will post the credit against the original invoice amount.

Locations that are serviced by Monterrey drivers will have a pick up scheduled. A pick up slip will be issued and the driver will collect the product on your next scheduled delivery.

For locations not serviced by our drivers, no pick up slips will be issued. Monterrey credit team may sell at a discount or product must be donated to local shelter or discarded.

Acceptable Credit Reasons:

All credit and return requests will be reviewed by our team and must meet one of the following criteria:

Mis-picked Items: Received a different product in place of product ordered (PICKING label is correct, wrong product). Please report the item number of the product received, as well as a picture of the picking label when submitting your claim. Pictures to be emailed to

Quality: Item is unusable due to manufacturer’s defect, such as no safety seal or poor product integrity. Please report the expiration date or lot number of the item received.

Damaged Product: Product arrived damaged. Please submit pictures of the damaged product, along with the picking label. Pictures to be emailed to

Short Coded Products:

  • Retail Packaged - 10 days with guaranteed credit
  • Bulk > 30 days - customer will be asked to sell product through code and apply for credit on unsold items to avoid waste. Credit guaranteed on on these items.
  • Freezer Items cannot be returned, to ensure product quality and integrity and safety for all our customers , we do not accept returns of frozen product.

Credits & Adjustments on day of Delivery

In some instances orders may be delivered by a common carrier hired by Monterrey. Common Carriers are responsible for transporting your order from our warehouse to your receiving dock.

For the locations serviced via common carrier, we do not have the option of performing an electronic check in at the time of delivery. Please revert to “Requesting Credits After Your Delivery” for credit requests.